Fhernando - All I Have

The Album

This is my 4th album, and it is the first to move away from the sounds that characterized my first 3 productions. This is a very special album because it feels like starting over, for these songs I decided to work with all kind of sounds, bases, and melodies that came to my head and translate them into my DAW. It wasn’t easy, but a lot of patience and 3 synthesizers helped me reach my goal.


It is a versatile album, for partying, for ambiance, for listening and at the same time letting go with every song. This album counts with diverse genres, from classic house with some Latin touches, to the current Trap and the occasional ballad from the Hip-Hop/Glitch style. 

It is an unpretentious disc, a disc for listening and feel happy, a disc made with and for love to music, a disc I hope connects and fills people with emotions.

The Production

All the music was composed, produced and mixed by me, during my stay at Paris, France, and some songs were written and/or finished at Quito, Ecuador, and Mexico. 

The songs were mastered by the talented Mike Marsh at The Exchange Mike Marsh Mastering, Devon.

The shooting for the album’s art and design was made at Paris, France in the street art dedicated museum, L'Aerosol taken by Scander. The album’s promotional pictures were taken by 9Visions at Paris, France.