Released in 2008, Sweet Addiction is the first disco-house album by Fhernando.

Many of the songs became a hit across the web during 2008 and 2009, it reached 60,000 downloads in the Frostclick website one month after release date.

Fhernando - Sweet Addiction

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Falling Down

by Fhernando

Falling Down by Fhernando is an EP recording after finishing the promotion of the 2008 album Sweet Addiction, includes three new songs plus a b-side from the Sweet Addiction sessions.

Originally released in 2010 through music sites only, and re-released in 2015 with an extra version of the song Seduction/Surrender .

Original Release Date: 08/26/2010

©2010, 2015 Additivo Musica Ltd.

Last Days Deluxe S,art URL.jpg

Last Days Of Disco

by Fhernando

Released in 2012, a tribute album to the 80 sounds and the last days of the disco era, Last Days Of Disco.

The album reached nearly 500,000 downloads through several free websites and received favorable reviews.

” (I Need You ) L.O.V.E. “ is the signature track of this album, many of the songs on this album appeared in several ads worldwide .

Release Date: 06/19/2012

©2011, 2012 Additivo Musica Ltd.


Love Is Everything

by Fhernando

Release Date: 06/12/2014

©2014 Crossworlder Music Ltd.


Velvet Brass

by Fhernando

Natural Essence Media’s first release of 2015 comes from Mexican producer Fhernando fresh from his remix of Expanded People’s Disco Fever in 2014. The Velvet Brass EP has four sublime House joints that do not disappoint.

Release Date: 01/27/2015

©2015 Natural Essence Media Ltd.

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Crazy Sexy Funky Love

by Fhernando

The latest full lenght album by Fhernando released in 2015, Crazy Sexy Funky Love, a mix of songs inspired by the beaches of the south of France.

The song Can’t Wait For Disco reached nearly 130,000 plays in Jamendo’s website.

Release Date: 03/17/2015

©2015 Additivo Musica Ltd.